Many small and medium-sized businesses avoid approaching a lawyer if they need a legal document, e.g. a contract, terms and conditions, a non-disclosure agreement, or a privacy policy.

Why?  The main driver is the perceived cost. After all, why pay a few hundred pounds to a lawyer when you can get a template from the internet or from one of the internet sites providing them?

This approach is a critical risk to any business.  Unaware of the legal implications of phrases and words it’s very easy to fall into a costly morass which could even result in the end of your business.  Looking at risk/cost, this really is a no-brainer. If you instruct a lawyer, you will save valuable manhours. Additionally, if the lawyer gets it wrong you can sue him/her and recover your losses.  If you draft a document on your own, you’re on your own.

Well, if it all goes wrong, you can then go to a lawyer, who will welcome you with open arms, and you will usually pay thousands of pounds – even if you win.  If you lose you will pay much more. So that few hundred pounds you saved doesn’t seem such a good investment after all.

“Over the last six years, drafting errors have generated around one claim in eight. However, over the same period, these claims have accounted for almost a third of the total of settlement payments, making drafting for us the single most expensive cause of claims. However, the bulk of claims occur in Company/Commercial, Commercial Property and Landlord & Tenant work – between them these areas account for 70% of claims by number and 80% by settlement cost.”

Source: Travelers Insurance Company Limited

It takes at least six or seven years to qualify as a lawyer.  Most of that time is spent learning how to draft documents which are fit for purpose and robust.  In other words, documents which will protect your business.

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