Jackie Jarvis Business Development and Sales Expert based in Oxfordshire shares her top 5 insights.

Jackie is also a Director of Heart of business

I have found referral relationships to be one of my best good quality lead generation methods. Over the years I have also enjoyed providing my good contacts with excellent leads for business.

As Our Heart of business model focuses on creating an environment and a system to encourage and nurture the right referral relationships, I am continually focused on what it really takes to make referral relationships work. 

My view is if the right people all help each other we will all be winners including the clients we serve.

Here are my Top 5 Insights

See the Bigger Picture

Imagine that we are all small pieces of a jigsaw helping our clients to achieve their goals and aspirations. We all do one special piece really well. Our clients will have more needs on their journey than we can fulfil and if we pay attention and show an interest in their vision for the future, we could uncover opportunities for others to serve those needs.

All it takes sometimes is the ability to see beyond the piece of work you are doing for a client and open your mind to other things and people that you could connect them with. Your client will appreciate the interest you show in this.

Really Care about Helping each Other and Your Clients

We all need good quality leads to succeed and if we all took a little time each day to think about what we could do for our good colleagues in business who offer fantastic services, business life could suddenly be a whole lot easier for all of us.

Think about those people in business that you know who regularly think about you and send you details of opportunities that might help you. Isn’t it nice when you can see someone cared enough about you and your well-being in business to do that. Giving first without gain is a good thing and it is appreciated by many.

When I work in a business mentoring or sales coaching capacity with my clients I do get to know them really well. Whenever I can, I send them opportunities that I think might benefit them and if I can make a potential client introduction I will. I enjoy doing this and they appreciate it.

Build Trust 

To refer someone in business you need to have first built a trusting relationship. Your good clients and contacts trust you and if you say someone is worth speaking to or working with, that trust they have for you will count for a lot.

When someone agrees to work with you they have faith. They are prepared to take that leap. They believe that you can deliver that which matters most to them. They believe in your company, your way of working and the promises you have made to them.

True trust is built over time. It happens when you work with someone and they experience the service, the relationship and the results you are able to help them achieve.

We are more likely to trust a referral because it comes from someone we trust and from someone who has already built trust with that person or the company.

That is why leads that come from a referral are so powerful.

Take Time to get to Know and Understand each Other’s Business

To be confident enough to refer someone’s business to one of your good contacts you really need to know and understand exactly what they do, who they help, the problems they solve and the solutions they provide. If you haven’t experienced their service personally you need to find out from those that have.

Hearing success stories is a useful way of connecting with the results your contacts have been able to achieve.

It can be good to have a team around you that provide the kind of services your clients may have the need for. This is the basis of our model at Heart of business

We have put together a group of independent Approved Delivery Partners and Business Mentors that fulfil our criteria. We meet up every month to enable us all too really get to know each other well enough to refer effectively. We also encourage one to ones to add some depth to that relationship.

It is well worth taking the time to cultivate a small number of high quality referral relationships so you can make it work for you all.

Follow Up and Show Appreciation

If someone cares enough and trusts you enough to take time out to give you a high quality referral it is so important to reflect that trust and care back. You can do this by following up with the contact as soon as you can and letting the person who gave you the referral know. Showing appreciation for the referrals you get is vital. Be thankful for them and the more you are the more likely you are to get more of the same.

From my experience giving a lot of referrals, the people that get back to me immediately acknowledging the referral, that follows up with the client promptly and then keeps me informed with regard to progress really stand out. If I have to chase it makes more work and I am not so inclined to make the effort again.

So, make it easy for the people that give you good referrals and you will find they will continue to make lead generation easier and easier for you.

Get Referrals from our Heart of Business Team

If you think that good quality trusted referral relationships work and would like to be part of a group that encourages that, please make contact with us.

We are looking for Approved Delivery Partners to join our Heart of Business Referral Team.

Here are some of the categories we are looking for:


Commercial Law

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Commercial Cost Control consultants

Marketing Data providers


Commercial photography

Office suppliers

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Health and Safety consultants

We are also always looking for more Business Mentors

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