Our overarching aim is “to inspire and deliver personal and business growth

Members engage collaboratively supporting each other, challenging each other and teaching each other to achieve this aim.  Together we are stronger and more able to deliver breakthrough results to clients.

At HEART of business we embrace this philosophy of Life Long Learning and facilitate it for members through a number of structured approaches, for example:

Induction programme for consultants: 

To help our consultants grow faster and learn faster we have structured a short programme of modules on key topics.  This broadens and upskills the consultants making them more valuable to their clients. Once the initial induction programme is completed each consultant develops their own bespoke follow-on programme.

CPD programme for consultants:

We require each consultant to engage with our CPD programme.  Quite simply it ensures that we keep on learning in the key areas important to our clients.  This enables HEART of business consultants to give of their best for the benefit of their clients.  

MasterClass events:

Based on research we have identified the areas where most businesses need help.  We have then teamed together members who are experts in these areas to develop presentations and workshops to cover these topics.  This approach helps members to get to know each other better and appreciate their respective skills. The resultant MasterClass is not only prepared by a group of members it is then delivered by them.  Working together in groups helps our members understand each other better, which in turn helps them work together better when helping clients achieve breakthrough.

Monthly member workshops:

Key topics and upskilling opportunities led by an expert and typically including interactive exercises.

These structured activities are complemented by member initiated 121 meetings and through their collaborative working when delivering client services.

If you would like to grow with HEART of business either as a member or a client then please get in touch.