Thank you to Amanda Hobbins for this great testimonial for my work with the EnergyMyWay Franchise team. I have been working with EnergyMyWay for the last 3 years helping to get new franchisees successfully winning business.

Who are EnergyMyWay?

EnergyMyWay is a renewable energy company set up to help homeowners and business to break away from expensive fossil fuels and start using more sustainable, renewable alternatives.

The company was established in Oxfordshire in 2008 in response to a demand from property owners for honest, independent advice on the best way to benefit from renewable energy technologies such as ground and air source heat pumps, biomass boilers, solar panels and wind turbines.

As energy bills continue to soar, renewable energy has become increasingly popular and this led to EnergyMyWay expanding into a franchise model, recently opening its 20th office and now covering the UK from Scotland to Cornwall.

The All-important Franchisee Training 

The business model relies on training like-minded individuals who are able to offer their local market intelligent, honest advice and oversee the installation of a complete range of renewable energy technologies.

A programme of classroom, field and telephone training was set up to give each franchisee the skills and confidence they need to effectively communicate the benefits of renewable energy and to sell in a consultative, educational manner.

Key to the success of the franchise model is consistency of experience for customers whether they meet an EnergyMyWay consultant in Edinburgh or Truro. This sales training programme has provided, and continues to provide a tailored sales system that all franchisees comply to and that ensures brand values are maintained across the network.

The Results

EnergyMyWay franchisees come from a variety of backgrounds with a range of previous sales experience. Jackie’s sales coaching programme has helped all of them to develop sales skills that gain their customers’ confidence.

All are growing in confidence and building strong sales track records which are giving their businesses momentum. The ongoing monthly telephone coaching calls are keeping the franchisees on track and continuing their development.

A Consultative Approach that Works

Our industry is fairly young and the early subsidies were set at very high levels to encourage initial take-up in the market. This attracted a number of pushy sales companies to the market which makes it even more important for EnergyMyWay to stand out from the crowd as honest, independent and consultative in our approach.

Jackie’s work with the franchisees has helped them to develop a consultative sales system, giving them confidence to carry out sales conversations with integrity and to win business based on meeting the values and requirements of our customers.

Customer feedback is extremely positive and, with Jackie’s help, franchisees are consistently closing sales and enjoying the rewards.

Do you want your franchise team to succeed?

If you are interested in finding out more about Jackie’s 6 step sales success system and how this can be applied to your franchise business please contact Jackie: [email protected] or [email protected]