We sat together as a group, finding it hard to contemplate the position we found ourselves in.  

After all, we all were ‘experts’ in our own right so what had gone wrong ….?  It happened so fast!

In Star Trek when they get into a dire situation (every week!) some of the crew blame others; some point to the lack of cultural understanding of the aliens they have encountered or the planet they are on; others look for solutions; and if all else fails there is the immortal line ‘Beam me up Scotty’!

We had the opportunity to discuss what had happened …. Some of us blamed the processes ‘they were too complicated’; some our lack of knowledge ‘nobody told me I had to ……’; and ‘ the sales team should have sold more’. The Sales team said ‘Production was too slow’; Marketing said ‘the finance department didn’t give us the information they needed to qualify leads’; and the Managing Director said ‘ I didn’t know …….’.  Meanwhile, the sales team were busy counting their commission, they had done very nicely!

The facilitator gave us 30 mins to plan out next round.  What had we learned from the first attempt, what would we do differently this time?  Obviously, we would work as a team, but hadn’t we intended to do that at the beginning?  What had got in the way? We all wanted to be the best in our section, so we made the classic ‘silo’ error.  We were so busy being busy we forgot to ‘look up’ and check the impact our actions were having on other parts of the business.  We were incredibly supportive to each other, polite, friendly, helpful, although we weren’t so good at challenging, being curious, asking the questions that would help us understand the issues that may be causing most concern and were potentially having the biggest impact on our demise. Questions like, ‘What product is our most profitable?’  ‘Are all sales good sales?’ We fell into tried and trusted ways of working, even when we knew it wasn’t going so well, we just kept on going!

So how did we get on in our next episode …….. tune in, or better still come and make a guest appearance (we can sometimes get complimentary FOC tickets so get in touch with us to find out).  

Play the game yourself…….be challenged, have fun, learn and have the opportunity to push yourself into new frontiers ….

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