Masterclass Programme

This programme brings together experts to co-develop and deliver on a range of topics which research has shown are the most common challenges for growing businesses.

Questions are answered, mysteries are solved and confusion is turning to clarity.

Some of the topics this year’s programme will address, include:

How to build high performance teams; addressing the challenges of recruiting, retaining and developing key members of the team (March).

How to optimise your sales pipeline; understand the sales process, define your target customer, develop a sales ladder and automate the process (April).

Understanding the power of the balance sheet: improve your cash flow management, understand and use key financial and operational ratios, identify and secure funding for growth (July).

Managing poor employee performance; some legal points to note, creating a framework for improving performance, achieving high levels of employee engagement (Sept).

Sharpening your proposition and marketing strategy; clarifying your proposition, developing relevant content and measuring ROI (Oct).

For more information on the programme and how you can attend:


Email: [email protected]

Call: 01280 841 961