Here is a short Q&A with our new Consultant, Martin Knowles.

What does your business do?

I’m a consultant, mentor and blogger helping businesses achieve the sales growth they deserve from their key account customers.


Who are your customers / What businesses do you typically help?

Clients between £2-20m who generate most of their business from a small group of strategically important customers. Sector isn’t important; wanting to build sustainable customer growth is.


What benefits do you bring to your customers?

Most businesses are great at developing their product and then suffer crushing disappointment when their major customers aren’t excited as they hoped. Using my Customer Bullseye methodology I help them take a customer-first perspective to identify what customers are looking for – which delivers growth through stronger customer relationships.


What is your business’s biggest challenge at the moment?

As a new business, my biggest challenge is building a strong client base with a regular income stream


Why did you join HEART of business?

I’m a committed team player and was attracted to the idea of a mutually supportive group of consultants and service providers seeking out opportunities for each other.


What benefits have you already experienced?

The Hob induction has been really useful in helping me get up to speed as a consultant and helping me turn many years of customer experience into a meaningful business proposition.


If you had one piece of advice for business owners what would it be?

My short answer is always “it’s all about the customer, stupid”. I encourage all business owners to think really critically about the external world – whether that’s customers, competitors or consumers – and to constantly ask the question; What would make someone put their hand in their pocket to pay for this product?


What are your passions / interest outside of work?

I’m passionate about travel and have booked a 3 week trip to Ethiopia at the end of 2018. I’m also an active cyclist, hiker and table tennis player. I love music and football (big month coming up!) and have plans in place to knock down and rebuild my home in 2020. It’s surprising I find time for work!

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