Here’s a short Q&A with HEART of business’s new consultant, Jenny Gordon.

Why have you joined Hob?

I joined Hob because I liked the people I met when I attended as a guest. I like structure of the meetings- the balance between traditional networking over lunch and coffee, the development sessions in the morning with the longer masterclass after lunch with the specific goal of collaboration, referral and business development. I enjoy working and getting to know Hob members and contributing both to the meetings and improving businesses.

What is your area of expertise?

I am a people developer. People are a business’s greatest asset or their largest liability – I work with individuals, teams and organisations to help them identify their issues and work with them to ensure that all their people are an asset. Whether it’s through leadership development, management, customer experience, coaching, mentoring, innovation, managing change, I help people understand how they can be more effective, productive and happy in their lives.

What type of businesses do you help?

I have a healthcare background but have worked in many sectors including financial services, engineering, retail, pharma, health and education. I can help any business that recognises the importance of investing in their people. I can also help any individual who wants to increase their influence in any sphere of their lives.

In what ways do you help these businesses?

I am curious – I listen to their stories, ask questions to clarify my understanding of their issues and their priorities and to consciously stretch them. I bring depth – knowledge, experience, wisdom, questioning, listening, searching questioning so that we can work together with a sense of humbleness an equality to create a plan to address the issues. I bring relationship – that on-going collaboration that enables the client maximum gain and a realisation of the full potential from their investment over time.

To find out more or get in touch with Jenny, please view her Consultant profile.