Our members and guests at the ‘Heart of business’ hub enjoyed another diverse & stimulating meeting and a lovely lunch at the Grovefield House hotel on 12th April.

Three is Not a Crowd

Nathan King, one of our event hosts, led a popular session before lunch, with two sets of groups of three getting to know each other better, with the extended time in particular well received.

The Power of Video Marketing

David Cardno, our other event host, then ran a warm-up exercise for us to share our favourite films, which evoked some strong memories on the personal connection to the film’s production as well as the overall cinematic experience.

Following from David, video production expert, Karen Pawlowska, gave an interactive presentation on the ‘Why and How of Video Marketing’. Through a combination of an interactive quiz and presentation, Karen shared some useful insights and statistics including:

  • Video is used most effectively to engage and build rapport rather than overtly sell
  • Click-through rate of emails containing video are 2-3 times higher than without
  • 64% of people buy a product after watching a video ad

So thanks to everyone who supported this April event and we will look forward to seeing you again next month on Tuesday 10th May from 11am to 3pm, when the following presenters will be enlightening us:

  • Chris Bantock, David Cardno, Ivor Middleton & Nathan King – Collaborating to build your sales ladder (optional workshop 11.00-11.50)
  • Mike Howells – Financial controls
  • Jackie Jarvis – Opportunity radar

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