What does your business do?

Libreea is a professional services consultancy that specialises in the capture of business processes to understand and assess the core activities of a business.

We give our clients clarity on what is being done across their businesses.

Having an accurate understanding of business processes enables you to know how efficient your business is running and provides the opportunity to make improvements.


Who are your customers and what businesses do you typically help?

As process is business unspecific and every business has processes, Libreea work with a variety of different businesses.  From large corporates with 100’s or 1000’s of employees to small businesses with less than 10 employees. Normally these companies have a turnover of greater than £1m.

Libreea are often introduced to businesses when they are looking to grow quickly, are in a period of growth, have recently restructured or are planning to restructure. These significant changes within these businesses all have an enormous impact on their existing processes.  Libreea will help the client understand their existing processes and help to adapt or change these processes so that they become the most effective and efficient ways of working.


What benefits do you bring to your customers?

Being aware of your processes as a business has several benefits. Here are just a few of those:

  • Documented information detailing each key activity in your business
  • Ownership of processes – who is responsible for doing what?
  • Identification of where systems are used
  • Highlights bottlenecks
  • Highlights single points of failure (SPOF’s) is there one person doing a significant task that if they weren’t there to do it no-one else knows how?!


What is your businesses biggest challenge at the moment?

Awareness! Being only just over one year old Libreea is still very new to the marketplace and our biggest challenge is getting people to know who we are and what we do.


Why did you join HEART of business?

I am a big believer that networking is a great way to promote your business and my business often generates a need for additional services to help customers implement improvements to their processes.  Libreea provides the expertise in process capture and outlines potential improvements but is not the expert in delivering all the requirements to help improve the processes. It was the expertise and experience of the members of HEART of business (Hob) which attracted me to join.  The opportunity to work with each member independently as well as the option of being a consultant member is very appealing and will offer huge benefits to my business as well as my own business proving opportunities to the members of Hob as well.


What benefits have you already experienced?

Immediately there is a great support network from every member and a breadth and depth of knowledge of business from a variety of different backgrounds.  Many individuals would have been there and done that in business before, so you have a good pool of people to contact if you have an idea you’d like to sense check and to get advice on a matter you’d like to discuss.

The recently introduced banner events have been well attended and useful for business promotion and the end of year planning sessions were very valuable at generating new business ideas which I had not thought of before.


If you had one piece of advice for business owners what would it be?

Never underestimate the power of networking and building new business relationships.  Every new connection could be the connection to your next customer.


What are your passions and interests outside of work?

As a mother of three, I have a very busy family life which involves lots of trips to martial arts and gymnastic competitions as well as countless party dates (my children tend to have a better social life than me!)

However, when I do get some time I love to run, learn new things, cook, entertain friends and travel. My biggest luxury all year will be an indulgent summer holiday involving lots of great food, wine, visiting new places and sharing the experiences with family and/or friends.


Where did the name Libreea come from?

Interesting fact. I founded Libreea when I was returning to work following maternity leave and a good work life balance was an extremely strong value for the company I was going to create.  I liked the idea of calling the business Equilibria, however this was already registered but a variant of this which I found quite quirky and different was Libreea. And that’s how Libreea was born.  As an aside the spelling can also elude to ‘Library’ – a font of knowledge – and that’s what Libreea strives to be for our customers in terms of understanding their processes and helping to know them better.


Libreea’s next Practical Process Mapping Workshop is on Tuesday 29th January at the Holiday Inn South, Reading – details here.
Come along to understand what process is and how it applies to your business.  Leave with some easy to implement techniques to capture process within your own businesses and help make your key activities more effective!