By Business Coach and Author Jackie Jarvis

“Clarity! That is the biggest prize you are looking for. To feel clear and sure and stable – that is what you desire” Abraham Hicks

When I looked into the pond it was clouded with mud, there seemed like there was nothing I could do to make the water clear. In the end, I just sat down at the water’s edge and enjoyed the view. In a while, I looked again into the pond and I noticed that the mud had settled and I could see right into the blue water. It had cleared naturally whilst I rested.

Clarity is the mind’s natural state. It is always there. It is simply waiting to be uncovered.

In this blog, I will share:

1.    What ‘Clarity’ is and how you would know if you have it

2.    Why ‘Clarity’ is vital to business success

3.    What blocks clarity

4.    3 ways to ignite the power of clarity in your business

What is Clarity?

When you have it, you see and understand things clearly. You have a clear head. You know why you are doing what you are doing and what outcomes you want. You can express yourself in a way that others understand. Your thoughts are clear and aligned. When you talk about your thoughts, they make complete sense to both you and those listening. You feel at peace with these thoughts. Clarity has a sense of calm about it. It is not rushed or anxious. Clarity feels solid, like the tree with strong roots, you know where you are coming from and what you are reaching for. Clarity may also be like the flow of a mountain stream, fresh, clean, energised and always moving forward.


If you are feeling rushed and confused, muddled or anxious, overloaded and stressed, clarity may well be eluding you. When you feel like this on the inside it will be reflected on the outside. You tend to confuse others with what you are saying or wanting. You rush down one track only to get half way down and decide that perhaps it wasn’t the right route to take. You may set off up the mountains in your business without the right resources to help you reach the top, whilst exhausting yourself trying so hard to make it. You may be wearing so many different hats in your business that you can’t remember which one fits you best.

If this sounds familiar, then you may not be attracting the things that you really want to happen. Your confusion is attracting more of the same.

Why is Clarity Vital to Business Success?

We are living in a world that is becoming more complex, a world that praises speed and technological advancement. A world that may seem like it is overloading us with information, connecting us all through social media, so much so, that it can be hard to switch our minds off and on to what matters most. Everyone seems to be in a hurry and no one ever has enough time. There is so much available to clutter up our minds and our lives if we let it.

The thing is in business, a confused, overloaded mind won’t make good decisions and can’t lead and inspire a team effectively. A business owner who is simply rushing from one thing to the next with no time for quality relaxed thinking time, will not be able to see solutions to problems. Their pond will always be muddy.

This cycle of confusion in many cases usually continues until an “I have had enough moment” has been reached and the pause button is finally pressed.

But it doesn’t need to be this hard. Clarity can be reached easily if you allow the time and space to take a breath and an all important step back.

Attracting what you want

Clarity is the first step to manifest the things you most want to happen in your business. Sometimes you do need to distance yourself from the things that are muddying the waters to be able to see things more clearly.

That powerful question – What do you want? – can be harder to answer than you might think if you haven’t allowed yourself even a moment’s reflection time in a very busy period. It may be easier just to say “I don’t know!” and if you don’t know – guess what happens?

Knowing comes before doing

It’s so important to have clarity if you want to achieve specific results or bring about specific things, people or situations in your business. Do you have clarity about your ideal most profitable customers, your vision, purpose, objectives, and goals?

Could you write your business strategy on one page? Do you know what to focus on and what vital initiatives and projects are worth pursuing? Do you know exactly who you need on your team to help you? Do you know what relationships you need to build to grow your business? Do you know what you want out of your business? What about your free time and life outside of work?

Do you have Clarity or is it Blocked?

If you don’t have clarity in these areas the chances are that you will not currently be getting what you want. By not having clarity you are attracting what you have right now. Think of yourself as a mirror, you are getting back what you see as a reflection. Things won’t change until you change what you look at in your mind’s eye.

Typically, the things that block clarity are:

1. Habits of overload (taking on too much) and a refusal to stop

2. Holding on to negative thoughts and feelings

3. Talking about what is not working, frustrations and difficulties

4. Repeating things that are not working

5. Going into too much detail – about these frustrations

6. Allowing low-level distractions to interrupt your focus

7. Attempting to cover up a lack of clarity (keeping it all inside)

To get clear on what matters you may have to be prepared to get rid of what doesn’t.” The trick is knowing what really matters first!

3 Ways to Ignite the Power of Clarity

1. Press Pause & Take Time to Reflect

Arrange to take some quality time out of your business to give yourself and your team time to reflect. Do a SWOT (internal strengths & weaknesses, + external opportunities and threats) exercise. Be honest with yourselves. Listen to and respect everyone’s views. Don’t judge or try to solve it. Just clarify your present position. This could be an exercise that you do with the help of a facilitator.

2. Be Open to Possibility – Take Time to Dream BIG

Spend some time creating a compelling purpose and vision. Take yourself off somewhere you can relax, somewhere away from the normal day to day pressures. Go for a long walk. Whilst walking, ask yourself some important questions. What it is that you personally want from your business? What do you want to contribute to the world through your business? What is your biggest ambition? Describe your ideal picture. Allow yourself to dream. When you come back from your walk, create a vision board with pictures/words and images that reflect to you what it is that you see in your mind’s eye. Put this visual image somewhere where you can see it.

Give yourself some time to reflect on it. Listen to the feelings and thoughts that it brings up. Is this what you really want? Listen to what comes up. This could be an exercise you and your business partners do together. This could also be aided by a facilitator with the skills to guide this important time to think. Your vision is the starting point from which goals and objectives evolve.

3. Simplify – Focus on your Priorities

Once you know what direction you are going in and what you want to achieve you then need to work out exactly how you are going to do it. You will need to consider the resources/people/budget you will need to enable this to happen. Remember you can’t do it on your own.

Simplify as much as possible and focus on the things that are going to make the biggest difference. Let go of what is not working and what is overloading you. Get organised so that you can focus on what really matters.

Create the space to allow clarity to show its face.

Think about your priorities. What is critical? What is necessary? What is nice to have? What is unnecessary? What can you park for later? Who can work on these priorities with you or for you?

Clear the decks and your desk. Only put in front of you the thing that is most important you get done. Give yourself the time and space to think. Once you are clear which mountain you need to climb, have all your resources in order and are in good shape to make the journey it will be much easier than you think to reach the summit.

Next Step to More Clarity

In my work with busy business owners and their teams, I help them to allow their mud to settle and guide them to find their own clarity. This may mean that they are able to offload the things that are not serving them in their business and make better decisions. Knowing what it is they want enables light to shine on the best route to take.

I help with three main things:

• Firstly, with time out to gain clarity and focus,

• Secondly with maintaining vital positive momentum,

• Thirdly by providing accountability and support.

These 3 important things have proven to increase happiness and satisfaction as well financial success.

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