By Sylvia Baldock – Talent Dynamics Expert based in the Thames Valley

Sylvia Baldock is our Heart of business Team Dynamics and Personal Presence expert.  She is a trainer, speaker, coach and published author.

She utilises Talent Dynamics profiling to help her clients to understand how to make the most of the team members individual strengths to create that all important balance, energy and flow of results.

She firmly believes that investing in your employees learning and development and allowing them to flourish, will enhance your workforce’s engagement, productivity and team loyalty.

Sylvia shares her 10 top tips

1. Understand individuals’ natural talents and strengths

People have natural skills and talents and will excel in particular roles and tasks but at the same time can struggle in other areas. It’s therefore really important to understand the natural skills of each employee and to ensure they are spending the majority of their time utilising those skills.

When people are encouraged to play to their strengths, they can see more clearly where they are making a difference and as a result be more motivated and effective.

2. Provide training to develop natural skills not weak areas

Provide regular training to enhance their natural skills and keep them at the top of their game rather than always training people in their area of weakness. Encourage them to value and engage the complementary skills of their colleagues to manage the tasks they are less effective in.

3. Praise and publicise success

Employees want to feel valued within the company. Make sure you give praise where praise is due and publicise their success to the rest of the team.  This will build employee loyalty and reduce the likelihood of them talking to your competitors about job opportunities.

4.   Make the most of your talent – ask for ideas and input 

If someone is particularly talented in a certain area, ask them to come up with some proposals for expansion and new business ideas and give them an opportunity to utilise their talent and reap the benefits.

5.   Review your talent – give and get feedback  

Have quarterly personal meetings and an annual review with all your staff to identify their strengths and weaknesses and set personal targets. Use the time to also seek their opinion and feedback on the business to ensure workplace satisfaction.

6.   Listen to your team

Always be willing to listen to and take on board suggestions and be willing to accept change. Something you think is working really well may not be working for your entire workforce and it may be that they are more in touch with the operational side of the business and can therefore come up with some innovative ideas.

7.  Identify goals and career aspirations  

Identify your employees’ personal goals. Are they looking for promotion or are they happy to carry on with their current job title. By identifying their intentions from the outset, you can work with them to develop their career path and keep engagement high.

8.   Set personal standards high and be a role model 

Your personal presence is extremely important, particularly as you are a role model and people will follow your lead. Therefore, set a high standard in terms of your appearance and the way you communicate on a social and work level in everything from small talk to running meetings and giving decisive instructions.

9.   Regular team communication

Having a regular update email or staff information board which is visible to everyone keeps people in the loop about the business and the industry field. This can provide a topic of conversation as well as the feeling of company unity.

10.    Care and look after your teams personal needs

Be as flexible as possible with regards to your team’s personal needs. If someone needs to occasionally work from home, go to a doctor’s appointment or leave early, don’t frown and complain.   Make them feel you trust them implicitly to get the job done and that you understand they have outside needs too.  They will feel valued and cared for.

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