Jackie Jarvis and expert Sylvia Baldock share with you the potential value of Talent Dynamics profiling.

Have you ever noticed how productive you can be when you are doing something in your business that you love doing and are really good at?

I wrote a blog the other evening all about what really makes you brilliant at winning clients and I didn’t stop once until I had written 1, 200 words. I was enjoying writing it so much I missed my exercise class. I was in flow! It was easy, enjoyable and I received great feedback.

If we could all be more in flow in our daily business life there is no doubt that this would have a positive effect on our productivity and effectiveness. The challenge is knowing exactly what it is we need to be doing that will create that all important state of productiveness.

Talent Dynamics is a personality profiling system that can help you to understand yourself and your team members better. The information it gives you can help you to make decisions about what roles in the business are best suited to you and your team members

Sylvia Baldock is our Heart of Business Talent Dynamics specialist and this what she has to say about the ‘real’ value of the process.

There are eight Talent Dynamics profiles. Each represents a certain mix of energies, thinking and action styles.

The profiles are not a label but an entrance point to understand yourself in terms of how you act and think as well as the types of roles that you might be suited to.

The Talent Dynamics profiles are the gateway to a much more productive state called ‘flow’. Flow can be thought of as the path of least resistance, where you add the most value doing the work you love to do and that you are naturally talented in.

When you are in flow you are totally aligned with the task in hand, create outstanding results and feel engaged and fulfilled.

Each of the Talent Dynamics profiles has its own strengths and challenges.

When working by yourself, you will notice that certain tasks and roles drain you, while other jobs excite and energise you. Many business owners think they have to do everything it takes to run their business, however, we can all tap into a network of people we engage with regularly either face to face or online, we may work with associates, partners and even some clients and suppliers.

Improve Team Collaboration and Appreciation

Talent Dynamics profiling is an invaluable tool to help create team collaboration and appreciation. It enlightens everyone on the strengths and challenges of their colleagues and individuals start to value and respect the different skills of their colleagues and to spot potential opportunities to work better, smarter, harder…..and more in flow.

Get your own Talent Dynamics profile 

An investment of just £50 will get you an online profile test with an 18 page report back. You can find out if you are a star, a creator, a supporter……understand where you add most value and are most trusted and start to play to your natural strengths to live your life in ‘Flow’

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