Our most recent HEART of business member monthly meeting was held at a four-star country hotel near Windsor.  We had 32 attendees and, led by Growth Coach Nathan King and Director Stuart McHale, the event focussed on the topic of referrals and collaboration.

The meeting started by exploring the complex concept of trust in business relationships, and how this was important in making quality and successful referrals.

Research shows that word of mouth referrals are more trusted than any other source and that they result in higher order conversions ratios, and a greater likelihood of repeat business.

HEART of business own referral figures show that members have referred business up to the value of £26.8k and that members are typically getting a fourfold return on their membership fee, from referrals alone.

The meeting then looked at the barriers to making referrals, and how these can be overcome, so that members can be even more successful with their referrals.

Attendees then worked in groups to practice how they can identify referral opportunities when networking.

The second half of the event focussed on collaboration.

Research amongst 900 organisations showed that 66% of employees believe that their performance would improve if teams worked more collaboratively.  Based on this research, the skills gaps of employees to collaborate more effectively was discussed.

Attendees discussed and identified ways on how they could collaborate more effectively, and then in groups identified some possible collaboration opportunities between their own organisations.

Feedback from the attendees was very positive, requesting that we repeat this format of this event, commenting favourably on the venue and lunch, as well as the great energy of participants in the group sessions.

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