Our members and guests at the ‘Heart of business’ hub at the Grovefield House hotel on 8th March enjoyed another diverse & stimulating meeting and a lovely lunch.

Think Brand Not Bland

The meeting began with an interactive workshop ran by co-host Nathan King decked out in a cow-print bow tie and DJ (you had to be there!), exploring development of a business marketing strategy. The thought-provoking session included the idea that counter-intuitively brand owners don’t actually own their own brand covered in a recent blog post together with an opportunity for everyone to have a go at drafting their own marketing strategy and share their experience.

Later in the meeting, branding expert Phil Strachan (www.strangebrew.co.uk) expanded on this theme with his presentation entitled ‘Think brand not bland’ bringing to life the need to stand out from the crowd by being brave and taking control of your brands perceptions, using a real-life case study from a rebrand of an accountancy group.

Sustainable Costs

Before lunch, cost management consultant Simon Eggleton (www.auditel.co.uk) gave an informative presentation on the need for a more strategic approach to reducing business costs, supported by a KPMG survey of UK firms that stated that 95% of business cost reductions achieved during the recession are expected to return.

Sweet Music

The event hosts David Cardno and Nathan King also ran two of our signature Heart of business ‘getting to know you’ round-table exercises. David led an exercise exploring the ‘perfect referral’ which was well received and is a theme we’ll return to in future meetings. Nathan dredged our collective memories of our first encounters with pop music, with some classics recalled such as ‘Help!’ from the Beatles, as well as more eclectic memories including the ‘Hippopotamus Song’ by Flanders and Swann!

So thanks to everyone who supported this March event and we will look forward to seeing you again next month on Tuesday 12th April!

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