Opportunity to join The SME Fast Track to Growth programme for Ambitious Oxfordshire based Business Owners.

Supported by the Oxford Innovation Support for Business Grant

Heart of Business has teamed up with Partner-in-Business to create and deliver this programme.

The SME FAST TRACK TO GROWTH programme is designed to enable your business to grow faster:

•  Up to £10,000 grant support

•  Get support from a cohort of like-minded entrepreneurs

•  A 12 month workshop programme

•  Get one to one support to deliver your growth plan


1. Register your interest by emailing [email protected]

2. Your suitability for the programme will be assessed at a pre- programme assessment

3. We will help you to apply for the match funded grant support to take part

When are the Free pre-programme assessment workshops?

Subject to demand we anticipate starting pre programme assessment workshops towards the end of September 2014 and during October 2014. We will advise those who have registered their interest.

Where and when will the workshops be held?

Workshops will be held in suitable venues throughout Oxfordshire, typically within 30 mins drive time of participants. Workshops will be held at times agreed by, and suitable for, busy business owners/managers.

Subject to demand we anticipate workshops being held in the following areas in Oxfordshire:

West Oxfordshire – Witney, South Oxfordshire – Didcot or Harwell, Central Oxfordshire – Oxford, East Oxfordshire – Bicester, North Oxfordshire – Banbury or Chipping Norton.

When will the Cohort Workshop programme start?

Subject to demand, we envisage the programme starting towards the end of October 2014 and running through to February 2015.

How many people will attend a Cohort Workshop?

We envisage that a minimum of six and a maximum of twelve people will participate in a workshop cohort led by two/three expert presenters (ratio of 1:3).

How does the 50% match funding work?

We will assist you in registering and applying for Innovation Support Vouchers that will enable all participants in this programme to claim 50% of your spend back.

This programme will be provided by registered suppliers of Innovation Support Vouchers for the Oxfordshire Local Enterprise Trust.

What will the Cohort Workshop programme cover?

The programme can be tailored to participants needs, however an example of the scope and content of the cohort programme is shown below:

Finding, serving and retaining customers

Winning customers

CRM and the value of a customer

Marketing and building your brand

Developing in new markets

Organising to provide great customer service

Recruitment, management of, and engaging employees

Technology – best practice

Managing change, continuous improvement and lean management

Organising to do work

Law in business

Understanding finance

Where to find help in Oxfordshire

What can be covered within the scope of the 1-2-1 support?

The scope of services and support provided is broad, and is intended to cover the intervention required to help a business to step change its performance.

Within the scope of this programme we have included:

Developing strategies, plans, business advice, consultancy, support, coaching and mentoring AND assisting with the implementation AND with the one off purchase of goods and services, that enables the business to step change its activities, enables business growth and creates employment, in the following areas:

Marketing, customer development, sales development, financial planning, budgeting and modelling, legal, IT, HR, supply chain, manufacturing, change management, innovation and continuous improvement, employee and management training

Interested in finding out more? 

Register your interest by contacting [email protected]

Could you help us deliver this programme?

Both Partner in Business LLP and Heart of business welcome enquiries from expert providers, and those who may wish to support, and or contribute to, The SME FAST TRACK TO GROWTH programme. Contact [email protected]