6 top tips to make it happen.

Breakthrough means different things to different people at different times, but it is a vital part of growing a business. To achieve breakthrough something has to change, you have to do things differently.  That doesn’t mean a revolution but it does mean a change in mind-set and activity.

Many business owners are busy doing the day to day, this will keep things ticking over but it won’t make the change you are looking for.  Here are 6 key areas to work on that will make a difference and move the business forward.  This should not be a one-off exercise but a continual process of development.

1. Vision – you cannot get there if you don’t know where it is you are going.  Clarity and conviction in what you are doing and why you are doing it are vital.  You can never see the whole future but you can envisage the next step to where you want to be.  Give yourself too many options and you are in danger of achieving none. It’s better to decide where you are going and get there, than flounder around and go nowhere.  Along the way you will learn and build on that learning for your next step.

2. Purpose – once you have decided where you want to go, plan the journey. What are the steps that will make the difference?  Can you prioritise them so that you address the ones that will make the biggest difference first?  Can you divide them up into manageable ‘chunks’, set yourself a timeline – and keep track of it, if you measure it you will likely achieve it.

3. Strategy – think about the whole business.  Changes you make in one part of the business – what will the effect be in other areas?  If you double your sales, can operations cope? It’s pointless embarking on a major marketing campaign if the fulfilment side is not able to handle the expected increase.

4. Focus – don’t get distracted along the way.  There will always be other challenges to think about, but if you don’t identify the key elements that absolutely need to happen to make the difference, you will end up going around in circles and getting nowhere.

5. Action – planning what to do and making it happen are two very different things.  Nothing will change unless you take action or ensure action is taken by the Team.  If you want everyone to pull together then you have to share your vision, better still get the Team involved in creating the vision and planning the steps that will make it reality.  Ownership is a strong motivator and you and your team need to be motivated and all moving in the same direction to make breakthrough happen.

6. Review – when you have achieved some of your goals, reassess priorities and add further actions that will support and enhance what you have already achieved. You are looking for continual improvement of the business, many small steps will get you where you want to be, it all depends how much of a hurry you are in to get there!

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 Rosemary Brown
Mentor at Heart of business
Business Developement Specialist focusing on Manufacturing, Wholesale and Retail. Providing  strategic support for small to medium  size businesses who want to do things differently and breakthrough to the next level.