ROCKET: Captains Log…. Star Date…. (Episode two)

We sat together as a group, finding it hard to contemplate the position we found ourselves in.   After all, we all were ‘experts’ in our own right so what had gone wrong ….?  It happened so fast! In Star Trek when they get into a dire situation (every week!) some of the crew blame […]

ROCKET: Captains Log…. Star Date…. (at boarding school)

  I used to watch Star Trek when I was at Boarding School – Science Fiction wasn’t really my thing but it was popular evening viewing.  What I remember most was the team being transported into unfamiliar territory in the middle of a conflict …. Imagine being transported, albeit by London Transport, to a room […]

Sponsor Accelerated Business Learning for a Student

An opportunity for your business HEART of business is offering businesses the opportunity to sponsor a student in an accelerated business learning event AND to benefit from the event by sending along an experienced manager to join in the learning experience. The learning experience is run on the ROCKET platform, this is a business learning […]

Stop boring the pants off colleagues with training

Start using 21st century best of breed gamification technology and bring all the benefits of experiential learning to your business colleagues. What participants say  “… it’s a brilliant tool … it’s so much fun … “ click here for more comments. Experiential learning is becoming widely recognised as the future of learning.  Some of the key reasons for […]

To do, or not to do, that is the question

We have probably all heard the famous quote attributed to the ancient Chinese philosopher Master Kong (named Confuscius by visiting Jesuit missionaries). I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand. The sense behind this popular quote actually dates back to Xun Kuang a 3rd century BC Chinese philosopher. […]

Never too experienced for experiential learning

We are never too experienced to learn more and it is important to get out of our comfort zone. Even after years of commercial exposure and looking after the finances of a varied number of clients, I am conscious of the need to continually develop. We are often too tied up in what we do […]

It’s not a business game – stupid!

Sitting in the Back Room just off Old Park Lane in Mayfair, I over-heard Dave trying to explain to a colleague the business experience he just been through in the previous four hours. Dave had been one of the twelve attendees at a ROCKET Taster Event and was struggling to find the words that described […]

Why spend time and money on Rocket?

Is it worth it? I’m an Accountant so it is engrained in me to ask why is a cost being incurred? Is the business getting value for money? Call it what you like – training, professional development or team building; in the Profit and Loss Account it is seen as part of that necessary evil […]

ROCKET – Shall I Bother?

It was at a chance meeting with an old friend and colleague, that he passed on his impassioned suggestion to check out the latest and best of breed gaming simulation technology called ROCKET. With my interest piqued, I decided on this occasion to follow up on his recommendation and attended a ROCKET taster event. Suffice to […]