Understanding the stages that most businesses go through will help their leaders be better prepared to deal with the challenges of growth.

Whilst each business journey is unique, there are common challenges encountered by most businesses as it grows. Our short booklet will help you understand the common stages of business growth.

The knowledge, skills and strategies that aid success at one stage of business growth are not those required at the next stage.

So working with others who have already taken a business through that growth stage and can bring complementary skills to your team is a great help.

This path increases the likelihood of success, reduces the time to move through that stage of growth, and ultimately gives a better return for the business and its stakeholders.

HEART of business can help guide you through our business growth, and the help you on the journey.

We are a collaborative business development network, created through membership, teamwork, common goals and values, that help to develop each other and our businesses.

We have developed unique products such as our Business Review to help you understand the next steps needed for business growth.

Our members operate in London and across Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Surrey and Northants.

We deliver breakthrough results for clients across a wide range of business challenges.

Our members include business consultants, business advisers, growth coaches and non-executive directors, and experts in their fields who provide implementation support and help clients to overcome business challenges.