Meet new member, Allan Love

What does your business do? With our range of Digital Marketing services Website Energizers work tirelessly to get you noticed on the Internet. Our Digital marketing services include the design and build of websites, search engine optimisation campaigns, Google Ads account management and Social Media campaign management. Who are your customers / What businesses do you typically help? We have […]

What is different about HEART of business?

Our overarching aim is “to inspire and deliver personal and business growth” Members engage collaboratively supporting each other, challenging each other and teaching each other to achieve this aim.  Together we are stronger and more able to deliver breakthrough results to clients. At HEART of business we embrace this philosophy of Life Long Learning and […]

What are employers’ obligations when handling redundancies?

Retail and restaurant closures continue to sweep across UK high streets. With more and more businesses facing closures, what obligations should employers’ meet when handling redundancies?   For a redundancy to be genuine employers must demonstrate that the employee’s job will no longer exist. This could be because the business is: changing what it does […]

Questions answered, mysteries solved, confusion is turning to clarity

This programme brings together experts to co-develop and deliver on a range of topics which research has shown are the most common challenges for growing businesses. Questions are answered, mysteries are solved and confusion is turning to clarity. Some of the topics this year’s programme will address, include: How to build high performance teams; addressing […]