XCELERATE: Align, Develop and Grow

Xcelerate is designed for teams or organisations who want to deal with: Office politics An ‘unhealthy’ team or organisational culture Recruitment and retention issues A “fire-fighting” culture and missed deadlines Too many meetings Inconsistent communication An inadequate succession plan for developing the next generation of leaders A current leadership team at capacity and yet a […]

Help for the thousands of SMEs about to be squeezed post-Brexit

The Bank of England Governor, Mark Carney, is warning 1 million households on low incomes that they are about to see their living standards squeezed due to the post-Brexit fall in the pound. The pound has hit an eighteen year low against most major currencies.   But what about the 5.4m UK SMEs who, in […]

Why all companies need the expertise of a Finance Director

All large companies will have a finance director or a CFO (Chief Financial Officer), they will play a pivotal role in shaping, implementing and executing the company’s strategy. They will combine financial and accounting skills with commercial and business acumen to be the CEO’s right-hand man. If such expertise is vital for a large company […]