The main cost of networking is your time – not the charges.

  Why do people network?   People typically network to try to find prospects.   However, most experienced consultants also find that their clients have problems they are unable to solve, and these represent missed opportunities for their client. It is important that consultants find complementary service providers that they can trust to do a […]

What is different about HEART of business?

Our overarching aim is “to inspire and deliver personal and business growth” Members engage collaboratively supporting each other, challenging each other and teaching each other to achieve this aim.  Together we are stronger and more able to deliver breakthrough results to clients. At HEART of business we embrace this philosophy of Life Long Learning and […]

How does a small business manage its products on Amazon when there’s no buyer to speak with?

Amazon is well on the way to becoming one of the world’s biggest retailers. It already claims to carry “Earth’s largest selection”. Yet over half the sales on Amazon are made via Marketplace sellers; small businesses who use Amazon as a platform for their online store. Some are brand owners; others retailers with a small […]

The Challenges Facing a Growing Business

Understanding the stages that most businesses go through will help their leaders be better prepared to deal with the challenges of growth. Whilst each business journey is unique, there are common challenges encountered by most businesses as it grows. Our short booklet will help you understand the common stages of business growth. The knowledge, skills and […]

XCELERATE: Align, Develop and Grow

Xcelerate is designed for teams or organisations who want to deal with: Office politics An ‘unhealthy’ team or organisational culture Recruitment and retention issues A “fire-fighting” culture and missed deadlines Too many meetings Inconsistent communication An inadequate succession plan for developing the next generation of leaders A current leadership team at capacity and yet a […]