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Jackie Jarvis talks about what can get in the way of clients saying Yes.

If you love the work you do but want to feel more comfortable and effective winning new clients you need to find a way to sell that enables you to use your coaching and mentoring skills and be fully able to be yourself converting leads into sales.

The challenge many business mentors and coaches have is that whilst they are passionate about the contribution they have to make and usually very talented in their delivery some find it hard to get commitment from clients to engage with them. They feel uncomfortable selling, believing that they are not very good at it and as a result either avoid it altogether or do it in a way that often does not do themselves or their service justice.

So why is this?

What gets in the way of Business Mentors and Coaches winning the clients they deserve?

Lack of Expert Positioning

Many business mentors and coaches fail to position what they can do well in a way that is appealing to their ideal target clients. They become generalists as opposed to niche specialists maybe because they don’t know what the right specialist area is for them or because they are afraid to limit themselves. The challenge is when you don’t specialise it is almost impossible to stand out and get the respect you deserve.

No Connection made between Selling and Coaching

For many business mentors and coaches selling is an alien activity yet coaching and mentoring is natural. The two types of communication are seen as opposites when, in fact many of the skills in coaching and mentoring are vital ingredients in sales.

The Ability to Describe what You Do so it Motivates

The ability to be able to get across in one or two simple sentences how you actually help people is quite an art and many business mentors and coaches struggle to get this right. It is important to say it in a way that your ideal client ‘gets it’ immediately and is motivated enough to want to know more.

No Clearly Defined Perfect Target Client

If you don’t know exactly who has the biggest problems, needs and desires in the area where you have the expertise. It is much harder to target lead generation and marketing activity. There will be a perfect model of a client for you and your service which once you are clear about will enable communication and approach to be effective.

No Structure to Sales Conversations

When a potential client meets with a business mentor or coach this can be opportunity to offload a lot of information about their business and situation which if not controlled effectively can be both exhausting for them and for you. It can last ages but go nowhere.

To invest in business mentoring or coaching any potential client will need to see very clearly how it and you can add value. There needs to be both a business and personal case for going ahead. The art is in being able to have very effective conversations that build rapport, trust and uncover the client’s values and reasons to say Yes.

Not really Inspiring YES!

Choosing a business mentor or coach to work with is a very personal thing and it has to be right on a number of levels. Trust, Belief, Understanding, Communication, Rapport and Relationship, Warmth, Expertise and Credibility are just some of the influencing factors. Different people will have different drivers. You need to understand those drivers and connect with them just like you do when you mentor and coach.

Not Doing Enough Sales Activity and Follow Up

If you don’t do the activity that is necessary to show a client that you really want to work with them many can fall off the radar. To be effective you must have a simple, organised sales process that you stick too. Many business mentors and coaches have great systems for working with clients but are not so good when it comes to managing their sales pipeline. This is a vital ingredient if you want to maintain the flow of clients.

Not enough Confidence in Ability to Sell

When it is not working and you are not winning enough business confidence can be lost and even worse, belief in the value of what you do.

Gaining clarity and focus about the true value you have to contribute, knowing the right people to target and how to communicate your proposition simply, will give your confidence the vital boost it may need. With a comfortable highly effective structure to your sales conversations, winning clients can be as easy and natural as coaching or mentoring.

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