Questions answered, mysteries solved, confusion is turning to clarity

This programme brings together experts to co-develop and deliver on a range of topics which research has shown are the most common challenges for growing businesses. Questions are answered, mysteries are solved and confusion is turning to clarity. Some of the topics this year’s programme will address, include: How to build high performance teams; addressing […]

Exploration of brand, cost management and music tastes at our Thames Valley ‘Heart of business’ team event!

Our members and guests at the ‘Heart of business’ hub at the Grovefield House hotel on 8th March enjoyed another diverse & stimulating meeting and a lovely lunch. Think Brand Not Bland The meeting began with an interactive workshop ran by co-host Nathan King decked out in a cow-print bow tie and DJ (you had […]

Help for the thousands of SMEs about to be squeezed post-Brexit

The Bank of England Governor, Mark Carney, is warning 1 million households on low incomes that they are about to see their living standards squeezed due to the post-Brexit fall in the pound. The pound has hit an eighteen year low against most major currencies.   But what about the 5.4m UK SMEs who, in […]