Ask yourself the right questions and get the answers you need

By Jackie Jarvis of Heart Of Business based in Oxfordshire – Specialising in small business sales and marketing mentoring

I have always believed that you do actually have the capacity to find your own answers to problems and challenges if you get in the habit of asking yourself the right questions.

Our mentoring methodology is based on this concept. We ask you the right questions in the right way and given the space to think, you will find the answers yourself. All your brain really needs is the gentle guidance and some structure within which to really THINK.

Our minds can be stubborn, full of resistance and capable of making assumptions that can get in the way of us moving forward.

Think about these questions for a moment.

If things could be absolutely right for you at this very moment – what would you change?
If you could have exactly the right clients working with you – who would you, want? What could you do differently to attract them?
If you trusted your own judgment fully, what decisions would you make today?
If you were one of the ‘Dragons from the Den’ what problems would you solve first in your business and how would you do it?
If you could have a greater sense of personal confidence than you have right now, what would you do with it?

Maybe you found that they shifted your perspective a bit and you did have some of the answers you need?

My book ’85 Inspiring Ways to Market your Small Business’ was originally going to be called ‘Think Marketing’ as I believe that the real work marketing our business and selling our services comes from our ability to think through both the practical and mental application of the ideas presented.

So much of our approach to attracting customers and building a business is down to how we think about ourselves, our offering and our customers. How we think will influence what we do about it.

There is so much assumption that can get in the way. We can assume that that market conditions are stopping us being successful, that customers’ attitudes are getting in the way, that our offering is perfect and people should buy it now or that we are not good enough if people are not buying enough from us.

You have to learn to challenge your own thinking with great questions because that is the way to free yourself up to get more of what you want.

•    So what do you need to learn to be able to operate better within the current climate?
•    What do you think your customers are fearful of? And how can you help take away that fear?
•    How could your offering be improved to make it more right for your market at this time?
•    Or have you got the right market for your service?

And lastly – remember what you are good at that people value? Make a long list now!

I hope this is helpful. This is what I do for myself because like everyone else in business I need to ask myself the right questions too and make sure what we offer our clients really does help them and that we are able to build the business we deserve.

Listening to yourself is just as important as listening to others.

If you want us to ask you some great questions, give you space to think and help you to work through the challenges with your business please contact us for a FREE initial consultation, either face to face, by telephone or Skype. [email protected]