Add value to your business – communicate your values

By Jackie Jarvis of Heart Of Business based in Oxfordshire – Specialising in small business sales and marketing mentoring

Do you know what your business values are?

Are they being expressed fully in your business?

Your values are the things that are really important to you that underpin the way you and your team behave in your business and the messages you communicate to your customers. They are a refection of what really matters to you.

Values are your gauge against which you can measure your internal and very personal standards. 

We all have values and they guide the way we choose to run our personal and working lives. We all have things that are important to us and when they are met we are happy and when they are not we can feel a discomfort.

Values are expressed in our behaviour, they are also expressed in what we pay attention to and what we get annoyed about.

When we are customers we will be unconsciously assessing the values a person or an organisation has and measuring that against our own. We will be listening and observing to see if they do deliver.

What are your business values? 

How would you describe the way you deliver them?

Here is a description of our values to give you an idea of what I mean here.

Our values

Keep it simple. We’ve heard all the jargon, but we don’t care to use it. We keep things simple, straight forward and practical. 

Care about results. Nothing excites us more than hearing a great success story from one of our clients. We want you to succeed and we know we can help you get there, that’s the core of our business.

Practice what we preach. Everything we advise our clients to do, we do in our own business. We’ve made the mistakes and we’ve learned what works. We believe in being a living example to our clients.

Keep it realistic and practical. We know it’s not easy, we’re not promising you’ll be an overnight millionaire with no effort. But we do know how to help you succeed, step by step, with the right guidance. We make sure what we teach has can have immediate practical application to your business.

Energise and motivate. We love what we do and it shows in our passion, energy, fresh thinking and sense of fun. 

Enjoy the journey. The route you take as you grow your business will present you with challenges, joy, frustration, fun, failures, and results. We encourage you to enjoy this journey as it will be just as important to you as reaching the final destination.

Action focus. We believe that results happen when you take the right action, so we help you to work out what you need to do and then provide the structure and the disciplines to ensure that you take it month after month.

How can you use this information?

•    Write descriptions for your website

•    Make sure team and staff share values

•    Make sure you live up to your values and their descriptions

•    Use in your sales presentations

•    Use them in your video promotions 

Your values are very powerful and underpin all that you do in your business. Your customers will be more motivated to buy from you when your values resonate with theirs. 

I hope this is helpful. We focus a lot on our values and understanding theirs when doing business with our clients. It is a very powerful and important thing to do and can give you the edge.

Valuing yourself is just as important as valuing others. 
If you want us to ask you some great questions, give you space to think and help you to work through the challenges with your business please contact us for a FREE initial consultation, either face to face, by telephone or Skype. [email protected]

People are motivated by good values more than anything else, so make sure you are clear about yours and always deliver them.