The Way of St Jacks Part 2!

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Lesson 6

What can you learn from those you meet on the Way

It was strange how you tended to keep meeting on the Camino the people who need to talk or spend time with you for some reason, and visa versa. I did pay attention to this as there is usually something to learn from every interaction. I had time to reflect on this on the Camino but back in normal day to day life this also holds true. We are always being presented with learning opportunities. The people in our life and business are all there for a reason.


What are you learning from the people that are involved in your business? Who do you think you have met for a reason?

Lesson 7

You are always YOU wherever YOU are on your journey

I think that the Camino route definitely takes you through gateways… gateways that enable you to connect with different parts of yourself. Growing your business is probably exactly the same in a strange way…

The opening of the doorway in the beginning… a bit like a child standing up and learning to walk. You leave with a big heavy back pack on, try to stand up and then almost fall over, and you have to learn to walk with it. It is very hard at first but gets easier with every step forward you take. There is also an excitement at the beginning when everything is new and fresh… you don’t know what to expect…you connect back with the child in you… full of wonder, openness and a sense of freedom as you learn to walk, getting stronger every day.

There may also be a gateway to the teenage student in you – when you make new friends easily and have fun. All you have to think about is what you are doing today!  You have shed your responsibilities for this pocket of time.

As you continue on the route you grow and learn through the experiences this kind of journey gives you… there is that gateway to maturity and later on to a deeper wisdom as you reach the conclusion.

You are able eventually to shed the load that you have been carrying and move forward freely with your life. Accepting that the gateways you have been through have enabled you to be YOU! You can be at peace with yourself!


What gateways has your business been through?

Lesson 8

Even the best laid plans can go off track – Trust the BIG picture

We had a plan and signs to follow but there were a number of times when we went off track. It may have been a very foggy morning when we missed a sign or took the wrong path. However somehow we always ended up finding our way. It was a matter of trust, no journey is perfect. It wouldn’t teach us anything if it was. There was no point in getting frustrated as our tight deadlines were completely self – created.

Back in day to day life it is easy to let tight deadlines rule your life or let the things that go wrong and get in the way of your perfect plans frustrate you. Always take a deep breath as it is in these moments that trust in the bigger picture is vital.

You are always where you are supposed to be!

Lesson 9

Let the good stuff in

I feel surprisingly good at the end of such a long walking experience and realised how good it actually has been for me. (Matt too!) Even after walking continuously for 20 to 30 kilometres a day on average carrying 10 kilos, I felt a lot better physically than I have for a while. My lower back pain is gone, my stiff hips relaxed and my legs feel a lot stronger.

I also felt a lot better mentally. Walking is simple really – one foot in front of the other, close to nature, doing what is natural. Moving forward all the time … shifts your energy, releases the good back in! You get back into your body and feel more grounded. It enables your mind to free itself from all the noise for a while … both internal (self-created) and the external intrusions that compete for attention on a daily basis.

I realise how important it is to look after your mind, body and soul on a day to day basis and not just on the Camino.


Are you letting enough good stuff in in your day to day life and business? What could you do more for yourself?

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