Think Again – Think Differently

It is so easy to carry on doing what you know, feel comfortable with, and don’t have to think too much about – but where is that going to get you and your business? I work with small businesses who want to grow and are prepared to look at things in a different way. Here are my 5 top tips that have worked well and created growth for businesses and people.

1. Do something different, something new

“If you always do what you’ve always done you will always get what you’ve always got” – attributed to many people including Einstein, Henry Ford, Mark Twain, Anthony Robbins and Jessie Potter

Well, whoever it was they definitely have a point. Think of just 3 small things that you could change – the way you approach a problem, the way you deal with your staff, the way you think about your own personal development, the way you plan. There is so much still to learn which will not only be interesting, exciting, and new, but helpful to your business and your own personal growth.

2. Don’t stop and wallow

“When you’re going through hell keep going” – Churchill

Things get challenging and tough every so often, DON’T PANIC – TAKE ACTION. This could be calling in an expert who can give guidance and operational support, or it might be doing nothing to see what happens – and there are many options in-between. The point is, don’t let problems drive you into a corner, things will happen if you look hard enough in the right places. If you don’t have a solution, find someone who can help.

3. Get a fresh perspective

Articulating the issue to a friend could help you think about it differently and more proactively just by talking about it. If you have to explain the challenge to someone who doesn’t know about it, they will ask questions. This can really help you to see things in a new light. Do you attend local networking meetings? The right ones are a great opportunity to find out how other businesses operate. Getting people to talk about themselves and their business is usually very easy and it may help you with your issue, but be selective! Some networking meetings are just ‘time stealers’. HEART of Business monthly meetings are a great forum for teasing out problems, finding support, and new ways to look at those business challenges we all face. Have a look at the website and what it has to offer and maybe come along as a guest to see if it’s for you?

4. Team involvement

I was thinking about a rugby scrum whilst watching the 6 Nations recently. To be effective, they all have to work together for the right result. However, one of the many differences between rugby and business is that they have rules – you don’t. The Team communicates, regroups, and works together to win the moment – It’s not about the individual. The point is that there is great strength in teams, they can support and build the business if you encourage and work with them – or they can make it stall and fall over if you don’t. Teams need nurturing, coaching and direction to become truly engaged. How do you work with the key members of your team? Could you find better, more effective ways of doing it? Think about the momentum you could create and what you could achieve together.

5. Make a plan

include SMART actions (specific, measurable, appropriate, relevant/realistic and time bound), then get on and make a start! Do reviews and reassess. As you, or a member of your team, take action, new opportunities will appear – but keep focussed. There is always a danger of finding interesting things to research rather than the less exciting but very necessary jobs to complete. Have a good mix of both within your plan.

There really is time if you choose to make it. Prioritise, delegate where you can, look for help from outside the organisation, but above all, harness the power of your team. Good luck!

If you would like to find out more about Heart of Business, would like to join one of our meetings as a Guest, or are looking for help to do things differently to grow your business, please contact me – Rosemary Brown, Growth Coach at Heart of Business, for a no-commitment chat.