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Mission and Values

Happiness in business comes from living the values 'closest to you'.
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Mission and Vision



To inspire and deliver personal and business growth.

Our Values

Heart of Business is based on a foundation of solid core values which support our aim to inspire and deliver mutually-beneficial results for all our stakeholders, namely:

  • Our customers and clients;
  • Our employees and members;
  • Our suppliers and partners;
  • Our investors, and;
  • The communities in which we operate.

We aim to conduct our business by adhering to our core values, which are as follows:

1. Integrity & Trust
Reason: Knowing you have trust in your relationships gives you strength.

Integrity & Trust are at the foundation of all our relationships.

We encourage sincerity, openness in approach, and authentic honest communication.

2. Challenge Constructively
Reason: Knowing that you are safe to try new ways of thinking and acting, gives you courage.

Constructive challenge ensures that everyone gives of their best and collectively delivers exceptional service and value.

We encourage boundaries to be stretched in order to achieve MORE.

3. Pride & Passion
Reason: Having passion and a sense of pride in the business you are part of, provides great motivation.

Our pride and passion for Heart of Business and what it represents is the seed from which strong roots flourish.

These roots form the basis of a business with which others will be proud to be associated.

4. Quality Standards
Reason: Having quality standards ensures that your best is recognised.

Striving to deliver consistent standards of excellence ensures that we all deliver real value.

We encourage clarity and focus in order to reach and maintain the standards we set.

5. Care
Reason: Having care at the centre of what you do makes everything worthwhile.

Care is at the core of our approach.

We care about your success – we want the best for you and for you to be at your best.

6. Team Engagement
Reason: Understanding and appreciation the expertise in others, means that together we are stronger.

We ensure that everyone working to serve our customers is fully- committed and respected for the valuable roles they perform.

7. Freshness/Innovation
Reason: Keeping things current means that you stay ahead.

We embrace change and aim to keep ourselves at the forefront of innovation, so that we can consistently inspire our clients and team members with creative ideas and fresh outlooks.

8. Focused Action
Reason: Important results are only achieved if action is taken.

We encourage action and will guide our customers on the steps they need to take to move their business forwards.

Our Approved Delivery Partners share our values and will ensure the delivery of the strategies you have put in place with our business mentors.

This ensures the creation of profitable growth for our customers.

The Journey from Average to Amazing

Growing your business can be one the most challenging and important journeys of your life.

We want to make sure you enjoy that journey.

Your next step 

Are you inspired by our values and would like to explore how you can benefit as one of our stakeholders?

We offer the following Services:

  • Business Owner Mentoring;
  • Marketing & Sales support;
  • Professional Services support;
  • Team Development support.

Our team of Approved Delivery Partners can then help you to take the action we have identified, to achieve your business goals.


Are you?

  • An experienced business coach, or mentor, who shares our values, and would like to discuss joining our team? Read more
  • A Delivery Partner in Sales, Marketing, or Business Services, who regard yourself as a key player in your specialist field, and who would like to work alongside like-minded professionals? Read more

Do get in touch we would love to hear from you.

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