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Mentoring Methodology


Mentoring Methodology

Our Heart of Business methodology is based upon 5 key mentoring principles and driven by a proven step-by-step process.

This has been shown to facilitate the quality of thinking necessary to create an effective strategy, ignite the motivation to take action, and provide the framework to achieve profitable results.

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5 Key Mentoring Principles – Our Commitment to You

1. Collaborative Relationship

We will become part of your team, sharing ownership of your challenges as we help you through them, and seeing them through to the end.

2. Supportive Tough Love

We will provide a guiding hand to support you as you grow, but will ask you challenging questions along the way.

You will always receive honest feedback from us, even if it might be uncomfortable in the short-term.

3. Positive Focus

We will make your business mentoring a positive experience, and endeavour to bring out the very best in both you and your business.

4. Creative Energy & Ideas

You will receive a fresh external perspective on your business from an experienced mentor, a sounding board for new ideas, and the encouragement to turn these thoughts into actions.

5. Action & Results

We will help you to clarify what you need to do, and we will help you to achieve this, using our network of Approved Delivery Partners.

We will keep you accountable for the actions you have promised to take.

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Your Commitment to Us

1. Schedule Your Time

For any business mentoring process to be successful, you will need to be prepared to take some time out of your business. The work you do needs to be regular, in order to create momentum and to witness results.

Our Business Mentoring Programme is based upon a 2-3 hour mentoring session each month, which is designed to give you the space to reflect and take the appropriate actions between sessions.

2. Work In-Between Sessions

You won’t be asked to do anything which is contrary to you running your business effectively – you will ultimately decide on the amount of work which you commit to undertake.

For mentoring to be fully effective though, you will need to need to work on the actions and ideas that come out of each mentoring session.

We will take notes, and send you Action Points, so that you have an ongoing record of your progress and what you need to do next.

We will support you in achieving these Action Points, through Approved Delivery Partners.

3. Identify Your Mentoring Needs

We will discuss your business with you, and what you want to achieve, then assign the most appropriate Business Mentor to you, based upon your specific needs.

These needs can be as diverse as business planning, attracting new customers, or managing your team more effectively – the more specific you can be, the better.

We will help you to achieve this clarity at the outset.

4. Having Fun Is Important Too!

A sense of humour is a great antidote to the stress of everyday life, so we encourage you to approach your mentoring sessions as an enjoyable release from your normal working day.

Our Business Mentors have all experienced the ups and downs of running a business, and so can empathise with your frustrations, whilst helping you to see the brighter side.

How to Get Started

We suggest an initial 5-month commitment. During this time, your mentor will help you to plan and to implement your Business Development Strategy.

After this period, the results can be reviewed and, if necessary, a second-stage programme designed.

It is possible that during your initial 5-month programme, your mentor will uncover a need for some additional help in order to deliver the practical aspects of your programme.

If so, at this stage, your Business Mentor can introduce you to a supplier who is one of our Approved Delivery Partners. They are all part of the Heart of Business network, and so come pre-approved.

Your Business Mentor can help you to choose, brief, and work with the most appropriate supplier, keeping you on track along the way.

Take the First Step

To find out if business mentoring with Heart of Business could be right move for you, we offer an initial, no-obligation conversation, either on the telephone, via the internet, or over a coffee.

Grant Funding

We will explain to you how you could qualify for grant funding through the 'Growth Accelerator' programme, which will help support your first 5-months’ of mentoring with us, and could save you up to 60%.

For those who complete the 'Growth Accelerator' programme, there is the option of a further Leadership & Management training grant, available to business owners who are keen to continue receiving help in specialist areas.

To book an initial discussion with us, call now on 01491 833222, or click below to contact us.

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