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What will a Heart of Business mentor do for me?

  • Facilitate the quality of your thinking and decision-making;
  • Provide a sounding board, and support you as your grow;
  • Help you to plan and deliver a Business Development Strategy that works;
  • Collaborate with you and help you overcome challenges, and;
  • Keep you motivated, on track, and focused.
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See Business Owner Mentor page for more details

How does a Heart of Business Mentor differ from the many others out there?

  • We are all unique in our own way and follow the proven mentoring methodology designed by Jackie Jarvis.
  • We all share the same strong set of values.
  • We combine the best of mentoring & coaching; i.e. guidance +  input and ideas.
  • We have different personalities – you will be matched with the mentor most appropriate for your personality & needs.
  • We judge ourselves by helping you to achieve real, practical results – this is why we have set up a network of Expert Trainers and Approved Delivery Partners, so we can refer you to people who can ensure you always get things done.
  • We are accessible, fairly-priced, and always strive to ensure that our clients achieve a profitable return on their investment, in both time and money. All of our clients have increased their business by at least 15% post-mentoring, and in many cases, by significantly more.
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How much will mentoring cost?

  • One-to-one monthly mentoring costs between £500-£750 per month, depending upon the size of your business and the number of people attending each mentoring session.
  • If you qualify for mentoring under the 'Growth Accelerator' government grant scheme, your first 5 sessions will be subsidised and you will receive access to further grants for training workshops.

Could I qualify for a grant?

  • At present, there are grants available under the government-backed 'Growth Accelerator' scheme.
  • Take a look at our Growth Accelerator webpage.
  • If you complete mentoring through 'Growth Accelerator', you may apply for Leadership & Management skills training.
  • Take a look at our Leadership and Management training webpage.

What limitations are there using Growth Accelerator?

You need to be:

  • A registered business in the UK;
  • Ambitious with growth potential;
  • Between 1 and 249 members of staff, and;
  • Have a turnover of under £40m.

See the 'Growth Accelerator' website for more information.

How can I find out about getting a grant and using a Heart of Business mentor

  • Contact us and arrange a conversation over coffee with one of our mentors, after which we can refer you to the appropriate contact at 'Growth Accelerator' to take your application forwards.

What other services apart from mentoring are available through Heart of Business?

  • A host of business, management, and personal skills training through our Expert Training partners.
  • A host of Business support, sales, and marketing services through our Approved Delivery Partners.
  • A monthly group mentoring and training Academy.
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