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Approved Delivery Partners Methodology

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Approved Delivery Partners Methodology


We all sometimes need help in getting things done

Our experience in running our own businesses, and working with our clients to grow theirs, has shown us time and time again that choosing and working effectively with the right experts is the key to success.

So many business owners attempt to do everything themselves, and end up doing nothing particularly well.

Those who know how to delegate or outsource, are able to stick to what they are good at, which invariably means making more money, and in the process, more than offsetting the cost of employing outside help in the first place.

We recognise how stressful it can be to source experts in disciplines different to our own, and how much time and effort (not to mention expense) can be wasted on poorly-constructed briefs, or a lack of project management.

Many initially well-thought out initiatives are never successfully implemented – that is not something which we will let happen at Heart of Business.

Get it right first time

We take responsibility for helping our clients execute their goals.

That is why our business model is based on our team of Business Owner Mentors, working closely with Approved Delivery Partners.

Our mentors take time to understand their client’s requirements, then refer them to the appropriate expert, helping to brief that expert, and monitoring the delivery process, all as part of the service in the Business Owner Mentoring Programme.

Quality approval process

We have approved a selection of Delivery Partners, based upon their track record in dealing with our mentors, their expertise, and their professionalism.

For a Delivery Partner to join Heart of Business, they must submit client references and undergo a thorough vetting procedure to ensure that they subscribe to Heart of Business’s values.

Ongoing learning

We hold a monthly training session for all of our Delivery Partners.

This encourages cross-collaboration, ensures that the Heart of Business ethos is put into practice, and reinforces the high standards expected throughout.

A selection of partners to suit your needs

We have partners for every requirement, from writing copy for your website, to helping you manage your business cash-flow.

Our partners range from sole traders to larger organisations, all of whom can be referred to you by your mentor as requirements arise.

You are of course at liberty to introduce your own suppliers, and your mentor will still help you with briefing and monitoring, albeit that these suppliers may not be used to working to the Heart of Business methodology and values.

For more information about the Approved Delivery Partner services we offer, please refer to the lists in Expert Business Support, or Contact us and ask for a referral.

Opportunities for new Delivery Partners

We are always looking for experienced Delivery Partners in Sales, Marketing, and Business Services.

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