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Stuart McHale - Management Profile


Career Snapshot

Stuart McHale

Managing Director of enterprises with sales of up to £90m, and director in enterprises of £1bn+.

Created business growth of £140m+ organically, and also via acquisition, business start-ups, franchising, and internet-trading.

Experience across Automotive, Rail, Leasing, Capital Equipment, Technology, and Consumer Goods sectors, within North America, Asia, Australia, and Europe.


What Motivates Me?

Delivering the results.


What is my USP?

I do not have one single USP. For some I have many, for others I have none.

I have a lot of personal energy, a good  sense of humor, I understand people well, I can motivate, and I always work collaboratively to move things forwards.

What's It Like Working with Me?

Expect your thinking to be challenged – we need to make sure that you believe in what you are doing, and that we have got it right.

Get the detail right – it always comes down to the detail.

Deliver on your actions – and do not waste time.

Focus on what delivers value – or you are wasting your time.

Deliver on your promises, and then celebrate; it is always a team effort.


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