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Jackie Jarvis - Management Profile


Career Snapshot

Jackie Jarvis

I have over 20 years' practical experience in sales, marketing, management and training working  corporately, independently  and alongside the Directors of a number of growing SMEs.  I have learnt most of my business lessons both by doing it myself and observing others in action. I have learnt as much from mistakes as I have from success.

I have worked within, gaining insight and experience in a number of  business sectors including property, environmental, financial, professional services, technical, media and marketing.

I am a published author and a professionally-trained business coach.

Over the last 10 years,  I have personally mentored and coached 100's of business owners, directors, and independent professionals, helping them to achieve their business and personal goals. I have developed a simple methodology which gets practical results.

What Motivates Me?

I gain a huge amount of satisfaction from helping businesses to grow, and seeing my values put into practice. I enjoy passing on the lessons which I have learnt on my journey, and seeing my clients benefiting from this advice. I enjoy people, the 'game' of business, and making things happen in a positive way for everyone with whom I am involved.

What Is My USP?

I  think it is my uncanny ability to pick up on the one or two things that need addressing in order to make the biggest difference to results. I can hear the 'inside' personal  story at the same time as recognizing the gaps in business. I am good at simplifying the complex and providing a practical structure to follow.

I have a lot of personal energy, a good  sense of humor, I understand people well, I can motivate, and I always work collaboratively to move things forwards.

What's It Like Working with Me?

"Despite serve company cash flow pressures during the recession, in recognition of her contribution we still decided to continue engaging Jackie." Simon Newton, Darke and Taylor Electrical Contractors

"Working with Jackie has been brilliant, powerful, amazing!" Alison Harrison, Harmonea Accountants

"She has a lot of energy.. there is a good vibe about her… great at giving insights" David Cardno, FD4

"When I first met Jackie I was immediately impressed by her positive energy and warmth - she is very bright and creative" Anne-Marie Payne, Nobull Communication

"Being a professional coach myself, I know she is very good. Also, once she has uncovered issues, she doesn't let you off the hook and I need that" Patti Stevens, Coaching Supervision

"What has been key is that she understood what was important to us very quickly, defined what the main issues were, and really got us focused". Ian Roberts, Cash Flow Medics

"Jackie's  help has been practical, structured and most importantly, a results-focused exercise. You’ve made sure the ‘quick wins’ were landed from the outset." David Milnes, KyteMark Solutions

"I like the fact that she clearly practices what she preaches and that she always gives us examples about what she's done for her own business."  Heather Start, Gemelli Employee Benefits

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