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The Flexible Energy Revolution - By Simon Eggleton

Even though wholesale energy prices have dropped over the past year or so, energy bills haven't fallen by as much. In large part, this is because the cost of delivering the energy to consumers has increased, offsetting some of the falls in the price of oil and gas.

There are many articles and sources of advice for reducing energy consumption, but what about your energy unit costs? What steps can

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UK Productivity Puzzle: a possible lead to what to do next? - By Carl Kruger

Why is the UK lagging behind other major developed countries in productivity?

From the 1990s to 2007, everything was looking reasonable for the UK: 

Since then, everything has been knocked sideways, moving from a very reliable curve to stasis at the drop of a hat (otherwise known as a global recession to be sure – but it was what happened next that is of most concern):

The UK was not

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