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Common problems faced by SMEs Part 2 - Graham Hall
Stand by your beds - I'm following up from my first blog which looked to identify common failings that I come across in my Hall of Finance travels as a Business Consultant, Problem Solver and Mentor for SMEs and Owner Managers. 

The first batch of common observations/failings covered:

1. Oops too late

2. There is nothing wrong with the health of my business

3. All Banks are the same –

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Help for the thousands of SMEs about to be squeezed post-Brexit
The Bank of England Governor, Mark Carney, is warning 1 million households on low incomes that they are about to see their living standards squeezed due to the post-Brexit fall in the pound. The pound has hit an eighteen year low against most major currencies.

But what about the 5.4m UK SMEs who, in total, employ over 15m people, over 60%, of all UK employees? Thankfully, HEART of business can

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