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Great energy and enthusiasm for referrals and collaboration

Our most recent HEART of business member monthly meeting was held at a four-star country hotel near Windsor.  We had 32 attendees and, led by Growth Coach Nathan King and Director Stuart McHale, the event focussed on the topic of referrals and collaboration.

The meeting started by exploring the complex concept of trust in business relationships, and how this was important in making quality and

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HEART of business 2017 MasterClass Programme

During 2017, the HEART of business team will be presenting a series of must-attend presentations and workshops to inspire and deliver personal and business growth for SME’s.

Scheduled to commence in January 2017, this programme will cover a wide range of topics, including sales, marketing, finance and employee management. The schedule of events will answer such questions as;

  • "how can I grow
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The journey to sustainable business growth – part 1

Why a business would want to pursue long-term, sustainable growth and the first step in the journey.

Why pursue sustainable growth?

Most business owners are problem solvers. They focus energy on fixing or developing solutions to their most pressing business needs. This short-term approach can be seen as positive, particularly in the start-up phase when the market for the product or service is

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Common problems faced by SMEs Part 1 - Graham Hall

Listen up, eyes open!

Having been a Business Consultant, Problem Solver and Mentor for over 5 years, I thought that it was about time that Hall of Finance put down on paper some of the “common” themes that it has come across when dealing with SMEs and Owner Managers (OM’s).

These themes would appear to neatly fit into ten headings, so here goes:


1. Oops, too late!

Why, oh why, is

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Dire Straits – Get money for nothing with the SEMLEP Velocity Growth Grant

The dictionary definition of ‘Dire Straits’ is “under extreme distress”, so don’t let your business find itself in this difficult position. One way that you can minimise this risk is to follow the advice of Mark Knopfler’s Rock Group, Dire Straits, from their 1985 Album, “Brothers in Arms”.

“What the heck was that!?” I can hear you all shouting into your laptop, tablet or

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