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Heart of business Thames Valley gets off to a flying start

Heart of business held their first meeting in Buckinghamshire at Grovefield House, Burnham near Slough on the 13th October.  We were delighted with a full house of 30 attendees, the vast majority being guests new to the Hob concept. 

Ideal location

This location is ideal for business networking across High Wycombe, Slough, Maidenhead and Beaconsfield.  Due to the demand for places, the

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October 30th 2015 - Pre-event workshop

How to be an excellent networker and ignite your opportunity radar - By Alison Haill

Tips and insights to help you love networking - and be good at it too!

Many confident people have an achilles heel - a situation where they lack confidence of feel inadequate. For many people, networking is on of them. It used to be for Alison too, but not any more. In this workshop, she will share some of her

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Throw away your business plan!

This is a message to all of those business owners and leaders who are wondering whether it's time to get out your business plan and update it. I'm suggesting you throw it away. Rip it up. (Unless everything is going to plan and your business, its customers, its supplier and the team are following the predictions of the plan just as it was written).

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that a

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Do you want to achieve business breakthrough?
6 top tips to make it happen.

Breakthrough means different things to different people at different times, but it is a vital part of growing a business. To achieve breakthrough something has to change, you have to do things differently.  That doesn’t mean a revolution but it does mean a change in mind-set and activity. 

Many business owners are busy doing the day to day, this will keep

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The main cost of business networking is your time - some ideas to improve your return
Why do people network? 

People typically network to try to find prospects. 

However, most experienced consultants also find that their clients have problems they are unable to solve, and these represent missed opportunities for their client.

It is important that consultants find complementary service providers that they can trust to do a great job for clients.  This will help solve the

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