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Make the Journey from Average to Amazing!

Jackie Jarvis Business Development and Sales Expert based in Oxfordshire shares her top 5 insights.

Jackie is also a Director of Heart of business

I have found referral relationships to be one of my best good quality lead generation methods. Over the years I have also enjoyed providing my good contacts with excellent leads for business.

As Our Heart of business model focuses on creating an

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Thank you to Amanda Hobbins for this great testimonial for my work with the EnergyMyWay Franchise team. I have been working with EnergyMyWay for the last 3 years helping to get new franchisees successfully winning business.

Who are EnergyMyWay?

EnergyMyWay is a renewable energy company set up to help homeowners and business to break away from expensive fossil fuels and start using more

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Five Top Tips to help you Maximise the Value in your Business

Heart of Business Mentor, and Maximising Value Expert Malcolm Allitt shares his thoughts with you.

There are essentially three routes to creating value in your business:

1. Do what you’re doing, but do it more efficiently

2. Do what you’re doing, but do it in different ways

3. Do new things which exploit emerging opportunities

It’s tough work running a small business and most owners

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How Talent Dynamics Profiling can help you get into FLOW in your business

Jackie Jarvis and expert Sylvia Baldock share with you the potential value of Talent Dynamics profiling. 

Have you ever noticed how productive you can be when you are doing something in your business that you love doing and are really good at? 

I wrote a blog the other evening all about what really makes you brilliant at winning clients and I didn’t stop once until I had written 1, 200

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