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Why did you fail to get that order?

If only we knew which enquiries we were going to win, we could stop wasting our time chasing prospects that simply will not conclude their order with you, or in fact with anyone!

Recent studies have shown that between one and two thirds of enquiries for business services never lead to an order with anyone.

So here are five “hard questions” that will help you filter out those enquiries

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How to Protect yourself from Cyber Threats

Backup and Restore

It can be a distressing experience to lose vital business information. If you make regular backups and your data is lost, you’ll be able to easily recover it. Think about the following:

- Backup Horizon - how far back do you need to see backed up information? Don't overwrite backups that you need!

- Off-Site - Security & encryption are included so your data will be safe


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Is cyber security really something that should worry me?

According to the 2015 Information Security Breaches Survey for the Dept for Business Innovation & Skills, 91% of large organisations had a security breach with an average cost of data breach of between £1.46m and £3.14m in the year 2014-15. This does not count the loss of brand image they must then make up and the customers they have to replace following the exodus of affronted clients that had

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Heart of business Club Events Diary

Build high-quality professional relationships, develop yourself and win new business referrals.

Join us as a guest at one of our club events to find out more:

Book your place here now: Price £50.00 plus vat (lunch included)


Oxford Hob 

25th August 2017 - Click here to book your place

29th September 2017 - Click here to book your place

27th October 2017 - Click here to book your

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