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David Harris - Mentor Profile


Career Snapshot

I started business life as a chemist – in fact as a ‘Liquid Engineer’ – designing new oils for Castrol. Customer needs were central to everything there and I soon moved into a global marketing role managing the marketing planning process covering over 60 countries. This is where I developed my passion for understanding the value of a customer-centric, fact-based approach to marketing (and business as a whole).

I have spent much of my career to date in the intersection of marketing and technology. An early pioneer of the use of the internet in business, I led a number of e-business initiatives starting with Castrol’s very first website and now help businesses to choose how to use ‘digital’ for their marketplace.

While still managing global projects at Castrol, I was encouraged to start a business of my own. I co-founded an information technology company in 1997 which has now transformed into a leading regional IT services consultancy for SMEs, managed now by my co-founder.

Over the last six years I have helped a wide range of businesses in and around Oxfordshire to flourish and I am a registered and approved Growth Coach for the national GrowthAccelerator programme.

What Motivates Me?

I never tire of witnessing that ‘Eureka’ moment when a business owner – with perhaps a little nudging from me – sees the potential future value of their products or services through the eyes of their ideal customer. I enjoy bringing together people in business who never thought they could be connected.

What Is My USP?

I think my “Unique Selling Proposition” stems from that combination of technology and marketing. Having worked as a scientist, a strategist and a practitioner in a wide range of different business cultures, I can very quickly navigate a course through complex issues to help a business to succeed.

What's It Like Working with Me?

I am known for my ability to quickly understand the key elements of a business and help my clients focus on the right actions to enable growth.

Not every approach works for every business. I do expect clients to be open to difficult questions about their products and services, their customers and their ways of working.

Typical questions to trigger practical working sessions include:

  • Who is your customer? – not just their industry but as people, how do they make decisions?
  • What pain or problem are you offering to solve so well that people will pay you?
  • How will you service these customers and get them to refer you to others?
  • • How will you innovate to continue growing?

These are tailored to my clients and sometimes result in surprising outcomes well away from the original expectations - and may result in exciting new approaches to the business.

Clients have said I have a friendly and inclusive style giving them the confidence to make the best actions for the success of their business.

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