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David Cardno - Management Profile


Career Snapshot

David Cardno

I have over 30 years’ practical experience in commercial finance, having received world class training at Procter & Gamble in my early years.

In my ‘corporate’ career, I have been on the boards of joint ventures, very acquisitive multi-nationals, and have been a non-executive in a series of start ups.

In the last 4.5 years, I have supported a portfolio of around 15 companies to achieve a wide variety of significant breakthroughs: selling assets, buying assets, hiring partners, getting out of tight cash situations, and dramatically improving profits. I learn quickly, and as there are so many things happening in parallel, my clients get a lot of value from me as none of my time with them is wasted. I learn every day.

I only work with around 6 or 7 companies at any one time; I’ve had 2 clients for over 4 years, however with others, I help them to achieve a result and then hire my replacement.

I like to keep things simple – there is an Art to doing that.

What Motivates Me?

I gain a huge amount of satisfaction from helping businesses achieve a significant change. The interesting things about small companies is that things can happen very quickly as there aren’t layers of decision makers. I like my clients and I love it when they succeed.

What Is My USP?

Like most accountants, I’m good with numbers but I believe I’m very good at spotting where something is wrong and engaging management in how to address it. I have also spent 30 years in budgeting and planning, so I’m good at it.

Business planning is critical in finding a competitive advantage and exploiting it. It is also critical to any major change in a business, such as planning a new service or product, buying a subsidiary, selling a subsidiary, or planning to sell up.

Financial planning is critical – be proactive, not reactive.

As accountants go, I am creative and insightful. I have a dry sense of humour and I work well with others.

What's It Like Working with Me?

"Over 4 years, David has helped us grow our business. Sales have doubled and profits have increased eightfold. His toolkit has helped us set up 3 separate business units, each with leaders who are incentivised to improve their business. Then track it monthly and work on it… David makes it all ‘easy’.”

"David helped us sell an asset - this made us the most money we’ve ever made.”

"David helped us buy an asset out of a very difficult situation. The profit was there but David helped us understand the working capital and trained us to improve our position with customers and suppliers. After integration and improving our reporting and tracking, he helped us hire an excellent controller.”

"David delivered weekly cash forecasts to the bank - it was a tough situation. He also advised us and helped us squeeze our working capital, and after 8 months we moved back to a normal relationship with the bank. This was a story with a happy ending.”

“We were approached by a trade buyer, we’d no idea how much we were worth, David helped us through the ‘unknown’.”

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