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Case Studies

If something challenges you, it wants you to grow.

Case Studies - Darke & Taylor


Business Mentoring Outcomes

  • “What we thought we needed wasn’t what we really needed”
  • Re-structuring of company, systems, and sales process set-up
  • Focus on most profitable customers
  • Targeted area of business grew by £1m turnover in 1st year
  • Completion of new marketing collateral

Our Journey from Average to Amazing

In Simon Taylor’s own words:

“When we started on our journey with Jackie, we soon began to realize that we really needed to develop a better understanding of how our clients, staff, and suppliers viewed the business, so that we could start to get the right messages across to our key stakeholders.

With Jackie and her team’s help, we were able to get our website copy written and published in a relatively short space of time, but the process had raised a lot of questions about our business which warranted further analysis.

As an established business with a turnover in excess of £10m and over 100 employees, this process required a thorough examination of the culture and values of the business, as well as the systems and structures which we already had in place to manage our staff and deliver our services.

We also quickly realized, before we went rushing ahead, that we first needed to be really clear about who the best customers were for our business and what was the right sales process. Profitable, good quality work was more important than just lots of work.

We also recognized that as directors, we needed to manage and delegate effectively in order to release time to spend on developing the business. At one stage I was doing at least 5 people's jobs!”

Key Actions

  • Monthly-facilitated discussion between the directors to focus upon objectives & their delivery
  • Vision clarified and values defined
  • Overhaul of company structure, including job roles and responsibilities
  • Review of current client profitability
  • Identification of new target areas for business growth
  • Creation of a Marketing Plan
  • Internal meeting structure and performance review process
  • Marketing collateral produced by Approved Delivery Partner
  • At each mentoring session, achievements reviewed for the last session, and actions set for the next.


Again, in Simon’s own words:

“Perhaps, more than anything, the real benefit is that we commit to putting aside the time each month, away from the pressures of the day-to-day business, to discuss things that can really matter  Having Jackie facilitate these discussions and follow up on the implementation of our agreed actions means that we are able to get the most from this precious time, making it both productive and efficient. 

We love and need this accountability. Jackie even got us all together in December this year which would have been unheard of previously. We were lured with the promise of mulled wine and mince pies though!

Using Jackie as a professional business mentor really helps us to work closely as a team, and we get a lot of enjoyment and satisfaction from the process.“

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