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The Founder’s Story

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The Founders' Story


The Founders' Story

Jackie Jarvis, Stuart McHale and David Cardno started working on the Heart of business concept in the summer of 2013, leading to the launch of the first Heart of business “hub” in April 2014.

Jackie had been mentoring David in how to improve the Sales and Marketing of the FD4 business and they both saw the potential to bring the support and synergies being enjoyed by FD4 to a team of mentors. Clients would benefit too as we can better match up business requirement and sector experience. By working together in a team the mentors are stronger and able to support each other.

Jackie had a very good experience when working with Pam McHale of No Limits Creative Services, who over a number of years has consistently helped a number of clients Jackie had mentored. When Jackie mentioned the Hob concept to Pam, she introduced Stuart, and then the Hob founder team was formed.

As the three founders started working on the concept of building a mentor team, the benefit and necessity of building a network of expert Approved Delivery Partners became an obvious opportunity.

The three founders together give a very unique blend of skills and experience :-

Jackie is a highly regarded Growth Accelerator approved coach and excels at hosting workshops and events.

Stuart is very disciplined, organised and gets things done. He is used to a multi-site business with matrix management. His experience, structure and focus on process improvement will help Hob to scale up.

David brings valuable experience from his days in networking, and from what works well with the FD4 team. David also helps to ensure that Hob works commercially for all stakeholders.

As Hob grows the founders roles and responsibilities will change – so the journey and the founders story is far from finished.

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