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Make the Journey from Average to Amazing!

Heart of business is a network of like-minded professionals who have a proven track record in guiding businesses to sustainable growth in leads, sales, margin, profit and people.

Our core proposition is aimed at enabling and supporting business owners to achieve breakthrough.

Heart of business has a core team of mentors who will help owners think through what they need to do to develop their businesses and then set priorities. See more on our Mentor team

Once the priorities are set and the way ahead is clear then the Heart of business Mentors can bring in their network of marketing consultants and other professionals. These experts provide the practical assistance clients need to help them overcome any key challenge that lies between them and their objective. See more on our expert Approved Delivery Partners here

Grants are available for business owners who meet criteria. See more on Grants here

If you are interested in joining the Heart of business network please do come along to one of our regular events. For events and dates click here

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The 10 mistakes which business owners make

The 10 mistakes which business owners make, that get in the way of Successful Business Development

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10 Mistakes
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